5 Reasons to Invest in Image Library Software

Managing your data is incredibly important. With so much of our work becoming digital, placing the same value that we would place on physical copies of what we create ensures that we don’t run into problems related to data loss and hardware failures in the future. If you work with digital images, film or other media and you aren’t utilising a sophisticated backup system for your files then you run the risk of data loss every time you turn on your machine.

Image library software is one of the most advanced ways that you can automate the backing up and storage of your library of work. With a range of features boasted that any photographer could take advantage of at whatever level of skill or professionalism, you’re missing out if you haven’t purchased software for business or personal use.

Enjoy safe, secure and accessible backups

Don’t waste time saving photos to hard drives, labeling folders and plugging devices in and out every time you want to do a backup – image library software automatically uploads new media to your own online library. Your data is accessible from any device that has Internet access in the world as long as you have a password – meaning that your work is always just a mouse click away. library discovery service Online storage also frees you from having to worry about potential hardware failures.

Organise your files more effectively

As a photographer, it can be difficult to navigate your library of photographs once you start to build up a substantial body of work. Your image library software can help you stay on top of things through folder organisation and meta-tags that allow you to attach important information to each picture. Track down images by location, date, client or subject with an intelligent search feature and never waste time looking for that one particular shot again.

Share instantly with clients and co-workers

In an age of instant gratification and high expectations from clients’ communication is everything. Basing your storage online gives you a whole new range of features when it comes to sharing data. Give data access to co-workers to facilitate project work, link clients to completed work as soon as they need it and share your files both freely and securely with a range of features that allow you to select and limit access as you see fit.

Protect and profit from your work

Make use of watermark features that help stop people stealing your work through previews, create a publicly viewable profile that can be shared easily and incorporate a customised version of your software into your own website – you’ll even be able to sell your photos online. Being seen is absolutely crucial to making a name for yourself; with advanced image library software it’s never been easier for photographers to create successful and appealing portfolios to entice potential clients.

Stay competitive

The number one reason you need high quality image library software for your business is so that you can stay competitive. Everyone is utilising advanced backup and file management systems, why wouldn’t you? Work more cohesively with your team, communicate better with your clients and enjoy easier, more effective ways to display your work and attract customers. Being reliable and fast in digital media is just as important as the quality – image library software is what you need to stay competitive.

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