Buying Golf Clubs For the Beginning Golfer

There are very few sports that one can engage in without spending considerable amounts of money for equipment, clothing, club memberships, lessons and so on. Some sports cost a lot less than others to participate in but golf is definitely one of the higher cost pastimes. First of all you need the right equipment to play golf properly. A set of good clubs is essential. By good clubs I do not mean the most advanced and most expensive that money Vclubshop can buy. On the contrary, because specialised golf clubs, with all the latest scientific advances incorporated, will benefit a newbie golfer not at all. The beginning player needs a decent set of standard clubs which fit his/her build and feel right in use. This can well be a good used set of clubs which will cost a fraction of the price of the latest and greatest new clubs.

It is absolutely an illusion to think that you will play better with expensive graphite shafted, titanium head clubs if you Vclubshop are a beginner. You may very well in fact play less well with this kind of outfit since they are less forgiving of a poor swing than ordinary clubs are. Really good quality clubs which are a few years old can often be located in auctions, second hand stores or garage sales. With a little luck you can pick up a nice set of clubs with a good bag for under $50. Believe me you will play better with these than you would with an expensive new set which could set you back hundreds of dollars.

To get an idea of what size and type of club is best suited to your needs visit the pro shop at your golf course and ask for help in finding the right clubs for you. They will of course try to sell you a set of clubs but you don,t have to buy right then. Just get their advice on what meets your needs and go searching for your clubs.

If you have a friend who is an experienced golfer he could be a big help in finding the right clubs for you. If he can go with you to look at any sets you have located, he can probably tell you right away if they are really worthwhile, and if they will fill your needs. Nobody uses wooden head clubs anymore so don,t even think of buying any of those, even if they once were great clubs. After discussion at the pro shop and with an experienced Vclubshop friend you should have a pretty good idea of what you really need, and can judge any clubs you come across based on that. If you don,t pay an excessive price for your set of clubs it will be easy to sell or trade them later, when you decide that you want something later and greater. It is always a temptation for a beginner to overspend and buy a very expensive set of the latest clubs in the hope that he will play better with them than with a less expensive set. Don,t make this mistake as these high priced, high tech clubs will not benefit a beginner in any way.

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