Online Poker is Increasingly Popular with Women

Poker is gaining more acceptance and mainstream acceptance. This means that women are increasingly interested in the game. Poker was a predominantly male-dominated card game until the recent boom. A typical casino poker game saw less than 10% female players.


Many women still hesitate to play poker in a brick and 메이저사이트 mortar casino. This may be due to old chauvanistic male attitudes as well as visions of smoke-filled backrooms. Regardless of the reason, women have not yet fully accepted real-world poker games in large numbers.


Online poker is a different story. Research shows that online poker is dominated by women. The fastest-growing segment of online poker players is the women. Online poker is preferred by women in general. Online poker provides women with an easy and more comfortable way to learn the game and improve their skills. Online poker is more popular with women because they can play at lower stakes.


Men may gamble to win, but women play poker to escape. While men are more competitive than women, they play for the chance to win. Women also prefer online poker because they can play poker at home, don’t have to dress up and are able not to be judged on their gender.


Online poker is safer and more convenient for the player. Online poker allows a female player to play at a time that suits her busy life. Few women like the idea of driving long distances to play poker, getting dressed up and waiting at a table. This is in contrast to the relaxing experience of playing a few hands online poker at the conclusion of the day. It’s easy to see why more women choose to play poker online.


One final reason why many women prefer playing online is the boorish attitude of some male players. Women don’t like being bothered by the pompous bigots, the solicitous suitors, or the patronizing patriarch.

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