Samsung LED DLP HDTV – Television Perfected

Analog signals and the mercari delete account older NTSC standard of yesteryear was enjoyable, HDTV and digital transmissions took television to a new level, but the new Samsung LED DLP models have refined high resolution HDTV into something truly breathtaking.

Although Samsung is producing some astounding HDTV models presently, Texas Instruments should also get some credit for their amazing DLP technology. As the owner of an Hitachi HDTV that utilized the original version of DLP (digital light processing) technology, I can testify to the impressive results this projection technology can achieve.

However, the new Samsung LED DLP televisions have achieved near-perfection. Although I never personally experienced the ‘rainbow effect’ on my Hitachi, that has long been one of the few complaints of DLP sets. Previous versions of DLP used high-powered lamps as the light source for the image projection. It also used a rotating ‘color wheel.’ This setup occasionally produced an anomaly known as the rainbow effect. The rainbow effect was brief flashes of colors which were not part of the image data.

The new Samsung LED DLP models now use an LED (light emitting diode) light source, or ‘light engine.’ Because of this improved technology, there is no longer any high-powered lamps to replace, and without a color wheel, there is also no longer any chance of the rainbow effect. Samsung LED DLP technology has taken an awesome technology and made it even better.

Also, since there is no longer the expensive, relatively short lived lamps to replace, the new Samsung LED DLP sets become less expensive to own. The savings however, aren’t limited to just the fact that you don’t have to pay the several hundred dollars (depending on model) to replace the lamps every few years though. Because the Samsung LED DLP technology uses solid-state light emitting diodes as the light source, they cost much less to operate overall. The LEDs draw much less current that the previous lamps. They also don’t generate the heat of the high powered lamps of previous versions of the DLP configuration.

The Samsung LED DLP televisions also have a broader color gamut, actually being able to produce more colors that most video sources can even output!! Combine this with the fact that the image can also be produced up to 40% brighter, the contrasts ratios are now measured in the hundreds of thousands to one, or even now, in the millionths to one, such that blacks are actually black and not just dark grays, and you have HDTV technology that is near perfection.

As if all of that isn’t enough to get anyone wanting the best HDTV available, whipping out their credit card to order, the super-slim models that are now part of the Samsung LED DLP line, are so thin that they protrude from the wall (if wall mounted) so little that you’re swear that the beautiful image must be some sort of magic!!

If you’re ready to purchase a new television, and you want the best HDTV available for the best possible price, make sure to take a serious look at the impressive Samsung LED DLP models.

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