Six Keys to Writing a Great Case Study

Making it all about the other person-that seems to be one of the marketing flavors of the month. I’m talking about the marketing premise that great salespeople have known, accepted, and practiced forever. (Think Dale Carnegie.) So, how do you do that? How do you put the spotlight on your clients, customers, prospects, and anyone else who matters?

More and more businesses and institutions know the answer to that one. They’re using case studies-one of the most powerful tools available to shift attention to the other person and away from you. Case studies (or variations, such as testimonials) are showing up just about everywhere. They’re getting baked into advertising, Web sites, brochures, and all kinds of other collateral and marketing materials. Despite their popularity, some marketers would rather have a tooth pulled than write a case study. So, first, relax. This isn’t law school.

“Case study” is really just another way to say essay writing service reddit “storytelling.” The best ones recognize that we’re all pretty nosy, and that we all connect on a primal level with anything that begins with “Once Upon a Time” and ends with “And They Lived Happily Ever After.” So, how do you get there? How do you write a case study that shows you care, makes your clients feel good, and (indirectly) demonstrates your credentials?

When I write or edit a case study, especially for a professional service provider, I follow Six Keys. Keys? More like guidelines. And several overlap, so six is pretty arbitrary. Anyway, if I had to name one that’s essential, it would be the first one.

Be engaging

The best case studies are the ones that get read. After all, what’s the use of being brilliant, having great clients, or doing exceptional work if your packaging is dull, turgid, or abstruse? (Hint: Avoid using words like abstruse.)

What gets read? Start with a strong lead, one that hooks the reader. Notice, for example, how I titled this essay. Think of this as the literary equivalent of search engine optimization.


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