Tips on Designing Home Remodeling Brochures That Sell

In order to build the client base of your home remodeling custom cabinets orange county business, you need to execute various marketing strategies. Promoting your business using marketing tools like brochures will help you in this case. Brochure prints will help you make people aware of the services that you offer. With that, it will be easy to accumulate loyal customers and of course, generate more sales. However, it is necessary to design your copies right in order for the prints to be eye-catching enough for people to read. The following are tips on how you can design brochures that can really sell:

Brochures Design Tips for Home Remodelers

o Plan your brochure designs. Be sure to check and recheck if you’ve got the best possible design that you can achieve. Or, you can have a professional graphic artist do the work for you. Do test prints to see if you’ve got them right. Make sure that your design reflects your business seamlessly. For example, you can use the facade of your shop or the interior design as the general theme of the prints. The colors, the lines, the ambiance – these things.

o Decide what size you should use for your prints. Should you use an A4 size paper stock? Should you use 8.5×11 inches? Depending on the design and the contents that you intend to include in your copy, you should get the appropriate size. You cannot use small-sized paper stocks if you intend to include photos for each service that you offer.

o Decide on the folds. Depending on how much contents you need and how many services you want to feature, your brochure prints should have the appropriate folds too. For example, if you only want to feature a before and after photo of a certain project, some text about your services and your business information; you can have two-fold brochures. This will have a total of four columns (including the spaces at the back). The first page will have your company logo, name and tagline. Then, the text goes to the next page and the before and after photo. On the last page, you can add your contact information.

o Mind the colors. Depending on the type of home remodeling services that you offer, you need to choose the right color too. Like, if you offer contemporary designs, you should opt for minimal and bold colors. Subtle and homey colors are suitable if you offer country home designs.

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