Why Should You Avoid Getting a Braindump Certification?

Generally speaking, Braindumps refers to lists of questions and answers from an actual IT certification exam. This dangerous, illegal and unethical trend is like a plague to IT profession as well as industry.

Using unfair means in examinations is one of the chronic How to construct great arguments problems all over the world that has been greatly facilitated by the resources rich Internet in this information age. People who are looking for shortcuts use braindumps (or they are innocently sucked in by braindump sharks) for immediate success and may be a job but in vain.

Let us go into a little details. As per Wikipedia, the commonly used phrase braindump refers to many things. “In the IT industry, a ‘braindump’, usually spelled as a compound word braindump, refers to material that has been memorized, or captured electronically by means of a small device such as a PDA or cell phone with a built in camera, from an IT certification and re-created to provide an almost exact replica of the exam, thus violating most but not all non-disclosure agreements agreed to prior to the administration of an exam.” It is in the IT Industry milieu, that we want to see what are braindumps.

Braindumps brazenly provide a set of questions and answers to candidates. By doing this, on the one hand they insult to the capabilities and sense of responsibility of IT certification agencies and on the other hand, they disallow the candidates to acquire the required skill and enable them to settle for a certificate without learning.


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